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James K. Hawkins is an engineer with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. From a very young age, he enjoyed reading and writing. He began his career in the purchasing department of an airline.

He has worked in the purchasing departments of companies in the service and industrial sectors for three decades. He rose to CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in companies in the automotive, metallurgical, and publishing sectors; he was CSO (Chief Sales Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer) in the dross processing and metal recycling industries.

He was the Director of the Council of the Aluminum Association for three terms, the author of several business books, a negotiator with the government to implement and change tax laws, provides training to purchasers and supply chain professionals for over 20 years, an MBA professor aimed at purchasing professionals and a specialist in negotiations, leadership, and team building.

Above all, he is married, father of two daughters, and grandfather of a boy, his most outstanding achievements, and joys!